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You're passionate about what you do.

My goal is to develop a web presence that communicates your passion.

First we have to talk.

The design process is largely intuitive and focuses on understanding you, your vision, and your work.

Therefore it is important that we get together to talk about your business, what you want to accomplish with your website, what you are able to provide (text, images, videos, sound files), and what will need to be developed.

There are many "hard coded" things that are important to attract people to your website; website elements like your Domain Name, Header tags, Open Graph Tags, and Responsive CSS Adjustments that are critical to modern Search Engine Optimisation (SEO.) When we meet, we will discuss these important SEO elements.

Another critical aspect to effective website development is the quality of your content: text, images, sound, and videos. I will work with you to develop quality content that will build your search engine ranking, convert a search result listing into a click-through to your website, and turn a visitor into a customer.

We will also discuss your accounts on important third party services; social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin, Google internet services like Google Business and Google Analytics, and claiming your business on sites like Yelp, Angie's List, and TripAdvisor.

If you live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we can meet in person. If a personal meeting is not feasible, then we can talk on the phone or via computer using Skype.

We can also communicate via email. Most of our future communications will work fine via email. For the initial meeting, however, I prefer getting together in person or through a phone or Skype conversation.


I don't know anything about getting a domain name, a web host, e-commerce, databases or anything like that. Can you help?

Yes. We can discuss all these things during our early conversations.

I have some photos and text on Facebook, on a blog and on Flickr. Can we use those things for my content?

Yes, though we might have to do some editing, photo enhancements and content development depending on your current needs.

Can you also help me set up a blog and Facebook and Linkedin accounts?

Yes. I can set them up to complement your website design as well.

I am interested in working with you for my website development. How can I contact you?

You can call me at: 414-335-2844 or email me at .

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